The contract between us The contract will consist of an agreed itinerary and your acknowledgement of acceptance of these booking conditions. The contract between us becomes binding at the point at which you issue instructions to us to go ahead with making reservations for the agreed itinerary, and pay the deposit. The price of yourRead More


To tour Vietnam in comfort, it helps to be prepared. “Vietnam travel tips” contains a compendium of information, advice and suggestions to avoid potential pitfalls. The subject matter is based upon enquiries and feedback from customers. It isn’t a comprehensive list so if there’s something missing as for as you’re concerned, let us know andRead More


VIETNAM OVERVIEW Viet Nam with its new open policy, its exquisitely beautiful scenery and its 4,000 years of glorious history is one of the most attractive tourists destinations in the world. There is always something to do and someone to help you. This small country has suffered much in its thousand year struggle for independence.Read More