The contract between us

The contract will consist of an agreed itinerary and your acknowledgement of acceptance of these booking conditions. The contract between us becomes binding at the point at which you issue instructions to us to go ahead with making reservations for the agreed itinerary, and pay the deposit.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho BOOKING CONDITIONS

The price of your holiday

The price is the total cost of the holiday including all elements specified in the itinerary, unless stated otherwise. As our holidays are individually designed, the price will vary according to changes made in the vacation programme. At the point at which you decide to make full payment, all agreed changes to the price will be included in the invoice that we send you.

Deposit and payments

As we develop the itinerary for your holiday, we will check the availability of hotels and, if possible, make provisional bookings. To do this, we will need early notification of your flight details. Once we have agreed the itinerary and the price, and received your instruction to proceed, we will ask you to transfer a minimum A 30% deposit is required; we must receive this by four weeks to the day before your scheduled trip. We will give you our bank account information, so that you may transfer the funds. You are also responsible for the bank transfer fee.

Please note that, in several areas, hotels become fully booked well in advance because there are few adequate alternatives, or sometimes none at all. It is therefore in your interests to pay the deposit as early as possible to secure the best availability. At this stage, you may choose to pay the full price rather than a deposit, thereby avoiding a second transfer fee.

Apart from payments by bank transfer and paypal, we accept all major credit cards. You will pay the balance directly at our Saigon or Hanoi office or at your hotels with cash or credit card. Please note that card payments will incur a 2 – 2.75% fee calculated at the time of card processing.

Cancellation by you

If you cancel 25 days or more prior to the trip, we will refund your deposit in full. If you cancel less than one to 25 days prior to the departure date, Vietflower Travel will not refund your deposit. If you cancel less than 48 hours prior to departure, you are responsible for the cost of the tour.

If, rather than cancel, you wish to transfer your booking to another person, we can arrange this subject to your instruction, and the transferee providing his or her full details, confirmation of acceptance of the terms of the contract, agreement to pay our costs incurred in making the transfer and any outstanding balance of the total price, and there being sufficient time to allow a new visa to be issued.

Cancellation by us

We reserve the right to cancel the contract between us for any reason prior to your payment of the full price of the holiday, whereupon we will refund any monies that you have paid us in full. After full payment has been made, we will only cancel the contract if circumstances beyond our control make it unavoidable.

In the unlikely event that such circumstances should arise, we will contact you immediately and offer you the choice of an alternative of equivalent quality or a full refund of all monies paid. No additional compensation will be paid over and above the total sum received from you.

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